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It is a money, demand, and timing question. Companies are regularly investing in their IT infrastructure and are therefore faced with the challenge of making the right choice.

Imagine: Your servers are chattering in the server cabinets, the SAN storage is about to be fully loaded, and the number of virtual machines is increasing – virtualized and deduplicated resources are finally finite. So expand! For this one needs budget. Request new servers and SAN extensions, compare, order, wait, get, unpack and put them into operation. Often the next round follows seamlessly. Buying licenses of the usual suspects are of course still top of the hardware costs. It works, but sometimes just new resources can not always be provided. In addition, this is far from cost-optimized, especially as support, maintenance and support for the environment are added.
IaaS rent instead of buy

The trend is moving, albeit slowly, towards rent: this applies to both software and infrastructure. The benefits are obvious: you can expand your existing infrastructure at the push of a button and do not have to worry about the implementation of the infrastructure. You would not even have to buy all the routers and switches. Also a configuration is not necessary. And security? This is also fully guaranteed. So Monday morning the credit card moved and the 150% loaded Microsoft Exchange Server or the Oracle database sent into the cloud. On the following Wednesday their own resources optimized and retrieved – in the best case without the internal users some of it.