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How many people you know have actually made an effort to finish up the basement in their house? Probably not many, since for many years it has been treated like an additional storage that serves not much purpose. Basements are usually the one place at the house you’re not showing your guests – your private space for all Christmas decorations, old clothes that you never find time to take to the charity shop and baby memorabilia that your kids will probably go through once in their life and leave it in your basement anyway. It brings up one question though – why do people seem to disregard the fact that a basement is basically a whole bunch of square meters of unused space that they’re still paying for? Why not renovate it and actually make the best of your house?

It looks like it will be expensive to renovate

One of the main reasons people are afraid to even think about re-doing the basement is the time and money such a project would consume. Yes, there are usually many unnecessary things stored for better days and having to actually deal with them would mean hours spent on throwing stuff out. Think about the space, though! A basement is basically the size of the ground floor of your house, which means that if you have two bedrooms on the 0 level alone, your basement can add you another two! Will it be expensive to renovate? Sure, that is the concern of many people who think about renovating the basement. You can save money by doing it yourself, in your free time, and it doesn’t have to be perfect or to the highest standard! Most basements are already plastered-up, which means all you need is some white paint, additional lights and a heat source and you’re good to go.

Too little or too many ideas for the space

One of the problems people have with basement renovations which may seem strange once you think about it is that they have too little or too many ideas for what it could become. In fact, you can actually do whatever you want out there and doing it smartly, change things up whenever you need to. Put a bed in there, but don’t forget about a desk, a couch and a big TV screen and you got yourself a spare bedroom/office space and an at-home cinema if you wish!