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An increasing number of medium-sized companies have to postpone or completely cancel IT projects because they do not have enough specialists for their projects.

The “MittelstandsIndex 2016” with the focus “external and free IT staff in middle class”, which was written by techconsult GmbH on behalf of GULP Information Services GmbH, documents this. As a result, 63% of medium-sized companies with a size of 200 to 999 employees had to postpone IT projects for personal shortages over the last two years. For smaller enterprises (50 to 99 employees), 55% had to take this measure or had to cancel 15% of their IT projects (12% for companies with 200 to 999 employees). According to the MittelstandsIndex 2016, SMEs are still in a position to dominate their day-to-day business. But just the advancing digitization would further aggravate the partial extreme personnel utilization and would force the need to access external IT experts.

According to the techconsult study, this tendency is openly opposed by SMEs. Only 20% of companies currently have no interest in working with freelance IT specialists. This can sometimes be costly for small and medium-sized enterprises. In the absence of resource management, overloads are often only visible in the short term and capacities must be procured in the short term.