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Faster, more independent and with more personalized software support.

This is the future of the working world, according to the “Workmanagement Survey 2015” by the US-American toolmaker Wrike. In a survey involving over 1,450 people, the current working world was first illuminated. According to this, 94% of the interviewees organize “projects” regularly or occasionally, although 89% project management is not an explicit part of their job profile.

Through its wide distribution, project-oriented work is an important factor for a company’s productivity. 44% of the interviewees expressed their satisfaction or rather the satisfaction with the way in which work was organized in their company. However, 35% of the respondents are dissatisfied with their daily productivity in their job. The reasons for productivity barriers are listed in the report multitasking (69%), the waiting for colleagues (49%) and the answering of e-mails (40%). Personal stress is caused by missing information (52%), problem prioritization of tasks (51%), unrealistic project objectives (49%) and deadlines (47%).

The survey was also of interest to the participants’ future expectations and were confronted with theses to which they should agree or disagree. 83% of the interviewees agreed to the assumption that the workload would continue to increase, and 65% assume that the individuality will increase for the individual employee due to the flat hierarchies of work and higher work complexity. 76% of applications expect to be better suited to their needs.