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Biotechnology and biotech software have been going hand in hand for a very long time now, getting bigger and stronger each year. New technologies, the need to constantly improve and innovate, the tough competition on the market – it all makes biotech software development that much harder and complex. Who is the perfect candidate for such a demanding job and can go into his career with certainty of success? What does success in the area actually mean and how to get your product, i.e. the software, on the market?

The team

As in all IT and tech areas, team work is a necessity in biotech software development, despite a common opinion of programming being a highly individualistic area. The fact is though, biotechnology is a specific field that marries biology and computer science and a specialist in only one of those will not manage to fully understand and prepare software without the knowledge of the other area.

This is why it is so important to understand that having a big team of committed specialists treating the problem from all the different angles is the only way to create a cohesive working environment for all the laboratories that may need your software.


Areas of biotech software development

Software applications can be seen literally everywhere. From the smallest devices at your local GP to the heavy-duty machines that run the world’s biggest biology laboratories – it all needs some sort of system to run on and biotech software developers make sure that everything runs smoothly and according to its designated function. Pharmaceutical & Life Science, Diagnostics and Medical Devices, Neutraceuticals, Cosmetics and Personal Care Products are only some of the areas that biotech software developers could aim at.

Another way to go for would be genetics and all that’s connected with it – genetic analysis, testing, genome sequencing, discovering mutations – it all has to start with some sort of software.


 The human factor

Just as biotechnology, software development has its specialisations and building any biotech software requires more than one person. Interface design, databases, software testing, organisation and planning, expertise in science that connects the software with the knowledge – it all has to be taken into account if the program is supposed to work well in a lab environment. All of these you can find in Pro4People’s offer – the software house from Poland. Biotechnology projects are important element of their portfolio. You can read more here: https://pro4people.com/software-development


Biotech software development has a bright future ahead with all the devices getting more and more complex. However, without a particular team of people, any software developers are set to fail before they even begin. It’s not just simply about the code. It’s about the complexity of biology and computer science put together. That cannot come easy.