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What is BioTECH?

BioTECH is a portal for people looking for effective software solutions for biotechnology. We write about innovations, changes in technology, characteristics of new software, solutions for small and large companies, and how to streamline innovative ideas with computers.

How does it work?

It’s easy. If you want to know how biotechnology is combined with computer science – just add this website to your bookmarks or favorite pages. We guarantee that you will only learn reliable information about software for biotechnology and programs that support the development of science in this area.

Is BioTECH a paid service?

Absolutely not. Our business is to provide only interesting and reliable knowledge about biotechnology and dedicated software. We rely on our own knowledge and the knowledge that we gather from people who create advanced software on a daily basis. We believe that the development of biotechnology as a science and its combination with modern programming languages, allows developers and scientists to create new solutions that affect the development of applications, programs and even inventions that improve the lives of all of us.
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The Blog

Biotech software development – it’s all about IT

Biotechnology and biotech software have been going hand in hand for a very long time now, getting bigger and stronger each year. New technologies, the need to constantly improve and innovate, the tough competition on the market – it all makes biotech software...

Software development for business

Software technologies are currently dominating all businesses but lately there has been a significant increase of demands in software development within industrial entrepreneurships. There is a trend to delegate all the processes connected with production to fully...

Amazon Web Service – what is it for?

Private is not an issue, Dropbox, WhatsApp or Apple’s iCloud are filled with data just so – here we do not want to know what happens with it. But also the companies think: Amazon plays here the pioneer with its Amazon Web Services (AWS) – mercilessly...